Please bring your own food and proof of vaccinations at the time of check-in. Bedding is optional as we have some available, but some kitties feel more comfortable with their own blanket that smells like home.

Two Paws Up, Inc

Wooden condos, compliments of the late Dr. Dick Seibel, are about 28 square feet (7' H x 30" D x 30" W). This is over DOUBLE the size of the original metal cages (4' H x 22" D x 35 1/2" W)

The wood condos provide our feline friends with 5 levels to jump to, including a private litter box area. The metal cages have no privacy available.

The condos are provided with ventilation that sucks the room air from the top and through a vent in the litter box area and out the side of the building, thus removing litter box odors. 

There are 3 wooden condos in front of the window, as well as 2 of the metal cages available.

For our elderly or hard-of-sight feline friends, we have a single level space available.