Two Paws Up, Inc

We start the bath with shampoo made by Earthbath that uses all-natural, non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients. After a thorough massage, we rinse and towel dry. After applying a light spritz of leave-in conditioner we blow dry your dog. Then we trim nails and/or grind (depending on the need), clean the ears, and brush those luxurious locks. We end with the trim/style of your choice and they are good to go! Typically, we allow 2 hours per dog, from start to finish. Sometimes more time is required, sometimes less! We don't want your pup to have to spend more time here than is necessary, to reduce stress.

Grooming Rates

*Price may vary considerably due to size of dog and her/his skin and coat condition.

*Additional charge for de-matting is estimated at the time of the appointment. 

B&B: bath, brush-out, clean ears, trim nails

Small (Chihuahua) $30-35

Medium (Spaniel) $40-45

Large (Retriever) $45-52

X-Large (Newfoundland) $85-100

Regular: B&B plus trim feet hair

Small (Chihuahua) $35

Medium (Spaniel) $50

Large (Retriever) $57

X-Large (Newfoundland) $105

Neat & Tidy: Regular plus trim leg feathers and belly hair

Small (Chihuahua) $40

Medium (Spaniel) $55

Large (Retriever) $60

X-Large (Newfoundland) $110

Full Groom: Regular plus full body clipping/styling

Small (Chihuahua) $45

Medium (Spaniel) $55

Large (Retriever) $65

X-Large (Newfoundland) $110