Two Paws Up

Grooming Rates

*Price may vary considerably due to size of the dog, her/his skin and coat condition, and the dog's behavior.

B&B: bath, brush-out, clean ears, trim nails
Small (Chihuahua) $30-35
Medium (Spaniel) $40-45
Large (Retriever) $45-52

Regular: B&B plus trim feet hair
Small (Chihuahua) $35
Medium (Spaniel) $50
Large (Retriever) $57

Neat & Tidy: Regular plus trim leg feathers and belly hair
Small (Chihuahua) $40
Medium (Spaniel) $55
Large (Retriever) $62

Full Groom: Regular plus full body clipping/styling
Small (Chihuahua) $45
Medium (Spaniel) $60
Large (Retriever) $70

‚ÄčNail trims alone are $10.00.

If you would like any hair trimmed

on the feet as well the cost is $15.00.