Boarding Rates for Dogs, starting August 1, 2023

$34.00 a night for 1 dog
$60.00 a night for 2+ dogs in one kennel

Dogs must be up-to-date on Rabies, Distemper, and Kennel Cough (Bordetella) vaccinations. 

***Like at a hotel, picking up after 12pm will result in an additional 1/2 day charge.***

The dogs are in individual runs, each about 4 ft by 16 ft.  1/2 of each run is concrete, to provide a bit of privacy, and the other 1/2 is chain link. For very small dogs, there is a plexi glass "door" that slides in at the end of the concrete. 

There are four large fenced in areas outside where one family at a time can run around and go to the bathroom. The dogs are let out about every four hours, or more frequently depending on need.  "Last Out" is around 9-10PM.

The two long sides of the kennel area are rather unique. In the wintertime, there are insulation panels installed and a water/wind/fire-resistant canvas that rolls down on the outside. With the radiant heat turned on, it stays nice and toasty for the dogs. In the summer, the canvas rolls up and the panels come out to reveal the outside world. With the fans on, this provides nice cross-ventilation.

Please bring your own food and proof of vaccinations at the time of check-in. Bedding is optional as we have some available, but some pups feel more comfortable if they have their own blanket that smells like home. ‚Äč

Two Paws Up


Because the dogs are out in the kennel and don't have someone watching their every move, we do not give rawhides. They can cause obstructions if a piece is swallowed which leads to expensive surgeries. And no one wants that while you are away!